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UK Lavender Plants

Those of you who live other than in the UK must forgive this one, but I can only write based on my local experience. This post is about what types of lavender you are likely to come across in the UK and some of their pros and cons for our UK climate. The first one to start with of course is the favourite “English” lavender, as we

Published Date: 5th April 2013
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An Exotic Lavender to look out for.

I’ve previously written about my favourite lavender here in our Jersey Lavender gardens, but since there are so many I have to mention another – and I know there will be more. If you are looking for something unusual for the garden then Lavandula x christiana, otherwise called feathered lavender, is one for you. It really is a

Published Date: 24th October 2010
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Do you have a favourite lavender plant?

I’m often asked if I have a favourite lavender plant. There is a rather bewildering range – the traditional and popular “English” lavenders in colours from white (Arctic Snow), purple (Hidcote, Imperial Gem, Elizabeth), pink (Rosea, Miss Katherine) to lilac (Melissa Lilac) and then to the pretty “French”

Published Date: 10th October 2010
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Pruning your lavender plants

Jersey Lavender – Pruning Your Lavender Plants If you have not already done so, now would be a good time to prune your lavender plants to get them tidied up and ready for next year. But don’t worry if you don’t manage to do this by the end of September  – the alternative would be to leave the pruning until late

Published Date: 7th September 2010
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