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Homemade Lavender Christmas Gifts

Lavender makes a wonderful gift at Christmas time as it’s so versatile and if you want to present your family and friends with heartfelt homemade gifts, a little bit of lavender can be a wonderful way of doing so. Below are four great homemade lavender gifts you can make this Christmas time. Lavender Hearts Simple but heartfelt these lavender

Published Date: 13th December 2015
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Lavender – The Economical One

Following on from last week’s blog about how lavender can save you money on your cleaning bills, we’d like to point out just how economical our wonderful lavender really is. This thought was brought to the forefront of our minds after watching the sad departure of Norman from The Great British Bake Off. How are the two connected you may be

Published Date: 12th September 2014
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We’re Open!!!!

It’s that time of year again and we happy to announce that our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm is open to visitors. The visiting season this year stretches from 8th April to 21st September – so that’s nearly 6 months where you can include a visit to us into your wonderful Jersey holiday. A visit to us can include: Sprigs Café – we use a

Published Date: 11th April 2014
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Lavender Chocolate – A Mothers Day Treat

Lavender – yum. Chocolate – yum. Lavender Chocolate – double yum! And after a recent trip to home of wonderful chocolate, Belgium, a friend brought me back a bar of Belgian Lavender Chocolate – hooray! In the past we had always thought of pairing the amazing floral taste of lavender with white chocolate (try infusing cream with some of

Published Date: 28th March 2014
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Lavender Panna Cotta

Spring may not have quite sprung, but here on the lovely island of Jersey there are a few tentative signs that winter is beginning to recede; the first green shoots are beginning to break through the not-quite-so-frozen ground and the days are definitely starting to get longer (even if not that much warmer!). So to celebrate the beginning of a

Published Date: 24th January 2014
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