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Bath Vs Shower? Who Cares? It’s All Lavender!

There are people that I know who can argue about the relative merits of baths versusshowers for hours and are truly evangelical about their cause, but really what’s better a bath or a shower? Well, unfortunately the answer is…. it depends! There are a number of pros and cons to both taking both a bath or a shower and I think in the end it

Published Date: 24th April 2016
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Should I Prune My Lavender In Spring?

Even though it is still stubbornly raining and the fire on our lovely Jersey lavender farm is still being regularly lit, clumps of snowdrops are beginning to speckle the verges and we’ve even seen a few daffodils. So yes, even though it might not quite feel like it yet, spring is on its way. And along with the arrival of spring there also

Published Date: 15th March 2016
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It’s Nearly Time To Plant Your Lavender

There’s daffodils waving their wonderful yellow trumpets, the first lambs appearing in the fields and the other day I even saw people out without their coats on! It must be Spring! And along with Spring comes warmer soils meaning that it’s time to start planting this year’s new lavender plants. Early April through to May are the best time

Published Date: 21st March 2014
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Lavender In Art

So it’s no surprise that we all love lavender in our homes. We love the fragrance of lavender wafting from our lavender bags and oil burners. We love a bunch of fresh lavender sitting pretty in a vase on the kitchen table. We especially love a mountain of fresh lavender shortbread with a cup of tea. But what about a spot of lavender for our

Published Date: 22nd November 2013
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Linalool – Lavender’s Secret Ingredient

Yes, it may sound like some kind of exotic Hawaiian cocktail, but Linalool is actually the active chemical component found in lavender and around 200 other species of plants. Linalool is found mainly in the plant families of Lamiaceae (mints and other scented herbs), Lauraceae (such as laurels, cinnamon and rosewood) and Rutaceae (citrus

Published Date: 4th October 2013
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