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Lavender on Film

As we know, we can smell the wonderful aroma of lavender, look at it’s gorgeous foliage and flowers and even listen to songs about lavender (for more information have a look at our Lavender’s Blue article), but what about watching … Continue reading

Published Date: 26th July 2013
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It’s Harvest Time At The Jersey Lavender Farm

This is probably our favourite time of the year, as we see all of the hard work that we’vebeen putting into growing our wonderful lavender come to fruition, and we start harvesting our crop. It always smells pretty good at … Continue reading

Published Date: 19th July 2013
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Lavender’s Blue

Now then we’re all about starting them young, and so when my children were little I would sing them the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender’s Blue’. For those of you unacquainted with this charming little ditty, it goes as follows: Lavender’s blue, … Continue reading

Published Date: 12th July 2013
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Lavender, A Wedding Must Have!

Hooray! Wedding season is upon us! Now, if you’re like me then you’ll like nothing better than a good blub whilst the happy couple ties the knot and then a nice meal and a monster party to follow. Yes, weddings … Continue reading

Published Date: 5th July 2013
Category: Dried lavender, General