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How To Avoid Stress

Stress is something that most of us will encounter at different points throughout our lives; however stress is not something that is always easily quantifiable and so can sometimes be difficult to recognise and deal with until it is too … Continue reading

Published Date: 27th June 2016
Category: General, Lavender Oil


Lavender For Sunburn

It’s inevitable, a few days of pleasant weather and half of the British population are bright red and peeling. Whilst many of us would never dream of going out into the sunshine with a liberal application of sunscreen on when … Continue reading

Published Date: 20th June 2016
Category: Lavender Oil, Lavender Products


Lavender – Your Garden’s Companion

There are many reasons to plant a lovely lavender bush or two in your garden, not only will it’s gorgeous purple colour look amazing, it fragrance will scent your garden and you will be able to gather a bounty of … Continue reading

Published Date: 13th June 2016
Category: General, Lavender Tips


Lavender Preserves

One of the many things that we love to do with our crop of gorgeous Jersey lavender is to preserve it, so that we can enjoy a load of lavender loveliness right throughout the year, rather than just in its … Continue reading

Published Date: 3rd June 2016
Category: Cooking with lavender, General