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How To Beat Stress With Lavender Essential Oil

Mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression, are the reason for one-in-five visits to UK GP’s. But what exactly is stress, what causes it and what can we do to beat it? Put simply, stress is the feeling of … Continue reading

Published Date: 23rd February 2017
Category: General, Lavender Oil


Essential Oil Tips For Beginners

There are oodles of reasons to incorporate the use of essential oils into your lives; theysmell amazing, they have an absolute myriad of uses and they are completely 100% natural. Here on our wonderful Jersey Lavender Farm we produce absolutely … Continue reading

Published Date: 18th February 2017
Category: Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil


Lavender Cheese

During a recent trip to Amsterdam we were delighted to discover that the wonderful Dutch have a great love for three things; cake, waffles and cheese! Obviously this sent them heading straight to the top of our list of favourite … Continue reading

Published Date: 14th February 2017
Category: Cooking with lavender, General


Lavender For Valentine’s Day

The 14th February, or Valentine’s Day, is fast approaching and, for many of us, whenthinking about a Valentine’s gift for our loved ones, our minds will immediately turn to red roses. However, trying to get hold of a bouquet of … Continue reading

Published Date: 7th February 2017
Category: General


How To Save Money When Stocking Your Medicine Cabinet

If you really start to look around your home, you may find that there are actually lots ofdifferent ways that you can save money. Cut your energy bills by switching off lights and only heating the rooms that you use. … Continue reading

Published Date: 1st February 2017
Category: Eucalyptus Oil, General, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil