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A Very Lavender Christmas To You

Lavender is often best associated with spring and summer, but the one of the many wonderful things about lavender is how well it dries, thus meaning that we can enjoy its wonders all year long. And what better time to … Continue reading

Published Date: 14th December 2017
Category: Cooking with lavender, Dried lavender, General


Lavender Christmas Pudding

Now, we’re not always ones for messing with tradition, but let’s face it there are certain things about Christmas that some people just don’t like. No I’m not talking about those people who just can’t be doing with the blatant … Continue reading

Published Date: 13th December 2017
Category: Cooking with lavender, Lavender Products


Wonderful Ways To Use Tea Lights At Christmas

It seems like nearly everybody loves tea lights, these cute little candles can be purchased relatively inexpensively and can seem like they have a million different uses. They are wonderful when used to light up your garden (or your Jersey … Continue reading

Published Date: 11th December 2017
Category: General, Lavender Products


Homemade Lavender Christmas Gifts

Lavender makes a wonderful gift at Christmas time as it’s so versatile and if you want to present your family and friends with heartfelt homemade gifts, a little bit of lavender can be a wonderful way of doing so. Below … Continue reading

Published Date: 7th December 2017
Category: Dried lavender, Lavender Oil, Lavender Tips


Homemade Lavender Christmas Decorations

It may only be November, and yes, it definitely is too early to start playing Christmassongs, but it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about Christmas. Getting a head start on your Christmas shopping can mean that you get … Continue reading

Published Date: 6th December 2017
Category: General, Lavender Products