Beat the Winter Blues with Essential Oils

With shorter days, freezing temperatures and cold, dark mornings, it’s no wonder that Winter can sometimes leave us feeling a little tired and low. Grey skies and cold, rainy days without much sunshine can leave us all feeling the winter blues.Rosemary Essential Oil

Winter blues describes feelings of low mood, lethargy and mild depression, which tend to strike during the dark winter months. Scientists believe that the winter blues are caused by a lack of daylight, which affects the body’s hormone levels and results in us feeling tired, low and ready to reach for comfort food.

Ways to beat the winter blues

Experts recommend a number of ways to help combat the winter blues including exercise, eating a healthy diet and getting outdoors more often.

Aromatherapy essential oils can help ease the winter blues

Aromatherapy can also offer a great way to help lift your mind, body and spirit during the long winter months. Our sense of smell is very powerful and used effectively it can help lift our mood. Many different essential oils can be blended to help reduce stress, increase energy levels and fight off seasonal depression. Experts recommend that you don’t blend any more than three essential oils at a time. It pays to experiment and take the time to learn the properties of each oil for maximum benefit.

Lavender and rosemary can help you beat the winter blues

Lavender and Rosemary can provide a comforting blend that makes a real difference to your overall mood. Together, they offer a great range of therapeutic properties to help beat the winter blues.

Lavender – is a highly popular and versatile essential oil that has a relaxing, calming effect on your body and a reassuring, uplifting effect on your mood. It can also aid a restful sleep if you are particularly stressed or anxious.

Rosemary – can balance your emotions, aid brain function, combat mood swings and generally lift your mood. It has a stimulating effect that can help fight depression, stress and nervous exhaustion.

How to use essential oils to improve your mood

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and must be diluted before use to avoid an allergic reaction. They must never be ingested and should be avoided by pregnant women. They can be blended and used in a number of ways to improve overall physical, psychological and emotional well being.

There are several methods you can use:

  • Massage – mix 5-10 drops of the lavender and rosemary oil blend together with 10ml of carrier oil, such as sweet almond or castor oil. Relax and enjoy!
  • Diffusion – simply add drops of essential oil according to the instructions of your diffuser or vaporiser and enjoy the scent throughout your room.
  • Bath – add a teaspoon of your massage oil blend to your bathwater and mix well.

However you decide to use essential oils, they are sure to bring both immediate and lasting benefits to beat those winter blues. See our range of pure essential oils at Jersey Lavender Farm.

Published Date: 11th January 2013
Category: Lavender Oil, Lavender Tips, Rosemary Oil

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