The Top Uses of Lavender Oil

Lavender and lavender oil has been used for many  centuries. The Greeks and Egyptians used it medicinally the Romans used it for its fragrance. The Elizabethans liked it at home, in the garden and on the plate! The Victorians used it at home to disinfect and to refresh.

Even today, despite the predominance of chemical science, lavender oil is still found to be a highly beneficial agent in the medicinal and therapeutic field. It is calming, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, mildly analgesic, has wound-healing properties and has a regulating effect on the nervous system. Every year we meet many hundreds of people who use our Jersey Lavender Oil at home and can testify to its benefits.

It has to be the No.1 oil for your medicine cabinet with a wider range of uses than any other essential oil. It is generally safe to use neat but also works well when mixed with carrier creams, massage oil or to fortify your shampoo or conditioner!

Here are our top most common usages:

1. A relaxant
2. Headaches and migraines
3. Burns and sunburn
4. Cuts, grazes and scars
5.Spots and skin irritations
6. Insect repellent
7. External pain and inflammation
8. Mouth, gum and throat infections, and halitosis
9. Respiratory problems
10. A general disinfectant

For a more detailed description of the ‘Top 10 Uses of Lavender Oil’ read the full article here.

Published Date: 16th September 2010
Category: Lavender Oil

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