Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to our new blog from the Jersey Lavender Farm.

We hope to provide our readers with an informative resource, where you can find out everything you need to know about Lavender, from how it is grown and harvested to it’s very many benefits.

Jersey Lavender is a family-run business. We grow, harvest and distil lavender to produce pure lavender essential oil. This lavender oil is the key ingredient in our range of toiletry and perfume products. Rosemary, eucalyptus, bay laurel and cypress are also grown and distilled on the farm and their oils are used in the same way.

Our aim is to offer quality and a personal service in all we do. We very much enjoy being on site, chatting to visitors, answering their questions and helping my staff with their various roles around the farm. I believe that a business of our nature is not often seen these days – family-run and with the fascinating goal of taking our agricultural crop right through the processing stages, directly to our valued customers.

Read more about the Jersey Lavender Farm and our background.

Published Date: 16th September 2010
Category: General, Lavender Farm

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