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What is Lavender Oil made from? – Part 2

The earlier post – What is Lavender Oil Made From? – Part 1 - was about how lavender oil is often analysed using a process called gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy. The results of this shows that lavender oil is pretty complicated; … Continue reading

Published Date: 7th May 2011
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Lavender Oil: sometimes, all is not quite what it seems!

They say that “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”. I was trawling a few lavender related blogs and came across one that was doing a fantastic job of promoting enthusiasm for lavender and it’s uses, but it seemed that some … Continue reading

Published Date: 18th November 2010
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The Top Uses of Lavender Oil

Lavender and lavender oil has been used for many  centuries. The Greeks and Egyptians used it medicinally the Romans used it for its fragrance. The Elizabethans liked it at home, in the garden and on the plate! The Victorians used … Continue reading

Published Date: 16th September 2010
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