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Three Cheers for the Humble Lavender Bag!

When it comes to lavender, probably the most common product that we will have come across is the humble lavender bag. Often tucked away in our sock or undies draw, placed amongst sheets or rugs, under our pillow when trying … Continue reading

Published Date: 13th September 2013
Category: Dried lavender, General, Lavender Products
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Lavender Infused Honey

Lavender is beginning to enjoy a long overdue resurgence of popularity in today’s kitchens, and so we thought that you might like to have a think about some of the many ways that you can use lavender in your cooking. … Continue reading

Published Date: 26th April 2013
Category: Cooking with lavender, General
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Dried Lavender orders take off

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year but our dried lavender flower bud sales have gone bananas. Perhaps, as the nights get longer, people settle down to make fragrant lavender bags for a school fete, a Christmas … Continue reading

Published Date: 10th October 2010
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